Free webinar: Geography education and the discipline’s future

A question for geographers and allies always seems to be will we flounder or flourish?

Join Australian Geography Teachers Association President Susan Caldis and Vice President Simon Miller, Wiley’s Shirly Griffith, Senior Director and Head of School Publishing, the Institute of Australian Geographer’s President Jen Carter, and others in this latest webinar in our series. As geography educators working in schools, initial teacher education, higher education, and publishing our guests advocate for the field, take action to support it, and strategize to deal with pinch points. In this webinar they will consider how and with what effects the future of geography education is in lockstep with the discipline’s and profession’s future in postsecondary spaces. Deliberately preceding September’s AGTA Conference, the discussion will include an evidence-based overview and a lively discussion with panellists from publishing, research, and teaching backgrounds that will also invite questions and comments from our audience and, we hope, a celebration of geography education.

The webinar is free to attend and its focus is on geography education. The webinar will be held at 430pm-6pm (AEST) on 20 September 2022.

Further information here.