AGTA’s Mission


The Australian Geography Teachers’Association (AGTA) seeks to:

  • foster the teaching and learning of geography in Australian schools and enhance awareness of its applications in society
  • promote and circulate the results of research into geography education
  • maintain a professional network through which teachers of geography in Australia may express opinions on educational matters
  • represent the interests of its member affiliates on national education decision making bodies.

Values and beliefs

A study of geography emphasises students:

  • understanding why societies and environments occur as they do
  • gaining skills which enable them to investigate formulate and communicate their understandings and opinions
  • clarifying their values concerning themselves, the society in which they live and the environment.

In particular, AGTA supports and promotes the three values areas of democratic process, social justice and ecological sustainability.

Target audience

AGTA aims to serve geography teachers from years 1-12 and tertiary educators in all affiliate associations, both metropolitan and non-metropolitan. Additionally, it seeks to link with community members and other educators and researchers who have an interest in geographical education.


Four major goals have been identified by AGTA as the foci for this Strategic Development Plan:

  • structure and function
  • geographical education
  • public image and liaison
  • research.


  • To improve the capacity of AGTA to meet the changing needs of teachers of geography
  • To ensure teachers of geography in all States and Territories are represented and supported through the work of AGTA
  • To provide AGTA with the capacity to link with like organisations in national initiatives.