2019 Conference

Gold coast: 1-4 October 2019

The AGTA 2019: The Innovative Geographer Conference was held at the Gold Coast between Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th October 2019. The program included keynote speakers, masterclasses, workshops and fieldwork that focused on innovation in digital and spatial technologies, curriculum, pedagogy and expert content knowledge. There was also a social program and the opportunity to visit Lady Elliot Island, or sail the Whitsunday’s, as part of the pre-conference tour program.

Masterclass presentations

Tuesday 1 October 2019

Elin Charles-Edwards – Big and small data in the geography classroom :: Lecture online

Keynote presentations

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Andrew Fletcher – GIS and location analysis

Thursday 3 October 2019

Dr Jeana Kriewaldt and Dr Rod Lane – Pedagogical Innovation in Geography


Wednesday 2 October 2019

Session 1: Workshop 1c
Skye Rodgers – Data Collection and Fieldwork

Session 1: Workshop 1d
Hannah Fields and Brooke Allison – Global Inequality

Session 1: Workshop 1f
Lorraine Chaffer – Mapping skills :: Mapping skills answer sheet

Session 1: Workshop 1g
Michael Pretty – Graphics and visual geography

Session 1: Workshop 1i
Mick Law – A research based approachg to geospatial education

Session 1: Workshop 1l
John Holloway – Our Murray-Darling Basin

Session 2: Workshop 2a
Billie Murphy – SolarBuddy

Session 2: Workshop 2b
Mick Law – Using geospatial tools at a regional and global scale

Session 2: Workshop 2h
David Proctor – Stop teaching geography :: Bubble diagram :: CUBE poster :: IDEAL poster

Session 2: Workshop 2j
Sue Cox and Richard Hazelton – Understanding statistical Geography and finding data in the ABS

Session 2: Workshop 2l
Skye Rodgers – Create your own ArcGIS Story Map :: Story maps PowerPoint :: Adding layers in AGOL :: Adding point data :: Create a Survey123 :: Creating buffers and drive time areas :: Data Cleaning :: Make a choropleth of Australia :: Making a choropleth of the world :: Using Map Notes to map an area :: What is GIS

Session 3: Workshop 3h
Susan Caldis – Developing Geographical Geography Assessments :: Sample checklist for evaluating assessment tasks

Session 3: Workshop 3i
Erin Merrin – Sustainability in Geography

Session 3: Workshop 3j
Trish Douglas – Global population change

Session 3: Workshop 3k
Jason van Tol – Endless growth on a finite planet presentation :: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet Paper

Thursday 3 October 2019

Session 2: Workshop 4a
Presenter TBA – Apps for Geography :: Apps for Geography worksheet

Session 2: Workshop 4d
Presenter TBA – Geoscience: Drawing out STEM in Geography

Session 2: Workshop 4f
Brigid Little – Disaster Resilience

Session 2: Workshop 4i
Associate Professor retied, Alaric Maude – What might powerful geographical knowledge look like?

Session 2: Workshop 4k
Maddison Granzin and Mellini Sloan – Megacities

Session 3: Workshop 5a
Marco Cimin – Flipped learning in the Humanities

Session 3: Workshop 5c
Beth Welden and Mike Pearson – Integrating Virtual Reality Teaching Tools into the Geography Classroom

Session 3: Workshop 5h
Lorraine Chaffer – Places and liveability Inquiry Approach :: Handout 1 Place and Liveability Backward Mapping :: Handout 2 Wouldn’t it be great if :: Handout 3 Checklist for task evaluation

Session 3 – Workshop 5i
Leonie Brown: Formative assessment in Geography

Session 3 – Workshop 5j
Aude Bernard: Population challenges in Australia

Session 3: Workshop 6c
Presenter TBA – Transdisciplinary Innovation Through Social Entrepreneurship

Session 3: Workshop 6d
Jean Liddy and Joel Pope – Megacities :: Megacity growth