Early Stage 1 (Year K): Topic 1: People live in places

Unit 2: Maps and mapping

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Content focus:

Students explore the features of different maps. They develop an understanding of how to read and interpret a map. Students learn about the importance identifying familiar places located on a map and what features a map may include.

Geographical concepts:

  • Place: the significance of places and what they are like. For example:places students live in and belong to and why they are important.
  • Space: the significance of location and spatial distribution, and ways people organise and manage the spaces that we live in. For example: location of a place in relation to other familiar places.
  • Environment: the significance of the environment in human life, and the important interrelationships between humans and the environment. For example, how and why places should be looked after.

Syllabus content area:
Important places

Students investigate the importance of places they live in and belong to.

Locating places

Students investigate how places can be shown using picture maps.

Key inquiry questions:

  • What are maps used for?
  • Where are places located in my local environment?
  • How do we read maps and identify where places are found?

A student:

  • identifies places and develops an understanding of the importance of places to people
  • communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools.

Inquiry skills:
Acquiring geographical information

  • pose geographical questions
  • record geographical data and information

Processing geographical information

  • draw conclusions based on discussions of observations

Communicating geographical information

  • present information
  • listen to others
  • draws picture maps

Geographical tools:

  • pictorial maps


  • observing and recording data

Spatial technologies

  • digital maps and aerial photographs

Visual representations

  • photographs, illustrations, story books, multimedia


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Lessons and worksheets:

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Lesson 2: Our local environment :: Worksheet 1
Lesson 3: An introduction to pictorial maps :: Resource sheet 1
Lesson 4: My school’s community
Lesson 5: Going to the zoo :: Resource Sheet 1 :: Resource Sheet 2 :: Worksheet 1
Lesson 6: Grid references :: Resource Sheet 1 :: Worksheet 1
Lesson 7: Where in the world :: Worksheet 1
Lesson 8: Creating your own map :: Resource Sheet 1
Lesson 9: Treasure hunt