AGTA 2022 Conference presentations — Hobart: 28-30 September 2022


Wednesday 28 September 2022
Session 1: Workshop 1a
Tony Jarrett - Collaborations between teachers, Primary School students and expert partners to enhance learning about natural hazards and bush fire

Session 1: Workshop 1b
David Boon - How young children perceive their world and research into early spatial mapping

Session 1: Workshop 1c
Lorraine Chaffer - The loss and management of Australia’s kelp forest ecosystems. The Great Southern Reef

Session 1: Workshop 1d
Brett Dascombe - Using Spatial Tech Apps & Drones to collect qualitative and quantitative data for Geography Fieldwork

Session 1: Workshop 1e
David Proctor - Strategies for kinaesthetic learners in theory based topics

Session 1: Workshop 1f
Beth Welden - Reshaping Fieldwork Experiences with Immersive Technologies - A case study using ForestVR in the Geography classroom

Session 2: Workshop 2a
Greg Calvert and Rowan Harris - Geography and A Career Perspective

Session 2: Workshop 2b
Susan Martin - Topography, Photography, and Drone Imagery: Building Perceptions for Contemporary Geographers

Session 2: Workshop 2d
Ruth Whelan and Jenny Dudgeon - Seeking Place!

Session 2: Workshop 2e
Darlene Hill and Nicole Amey - Connect, Collaborate, Communicate

Session 2: Workshop 2f
Mick Law - The best ten tools for your geospatial toolbox

Session 3: Workshop 3a
Sarah Kippen - Engaging E-Learning Resources for Your Geography Classroom

Session 3: Workshop 3c
Olivia Andrew and Charlene Teeken - Spiral of skills 7-10

Session 3: Workshop 3.d
Trish Douglas - COVID-19 and the tourism industry

Session 3: Workshop 3.e
Debra Owens and Liam Hume - Using student voice and STEM pathways to develop transdisciplinary capabilities in Stage 5 Geography students

Session 3: Workshop 3.f
David Cross and Hudson Gordon - Will child trafficking education change our world?

Thursday 29 September 2022
Session 4: Workshop 4.a
Stephen Cranby - Focus on Fieldwork Skills

Session 4: workshop 4.c
Brett Dascombe - Using StoryMaps to create interactive Senior Geography Fieldwork and Investigative Reports

Session 4: Workshop 4.d
Mick Law - Geospatial in your local area

Session 5: workshop 5.b
Paul Rogers - From booklet to report - a platform for success in senior geography fieldwork

Session 5: workshop 5.d
Kathy Jones - Fieldwork Simplified

Session 5: Workshop 5.e
Leonie Brown - Ideas for Embedding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures in the Australian Geography Curriculum

Session 6: Workshop 6.a
Sarah Kippen - Engaging E-Learning Resources for Your Geography Classroom (repeat session)

Session 6: workshop 6.b
Mick Law - Graphicacy in Geography

Session 6: Workshop 6.c
Erin Leder - High Impact Teaching Strategies for the HASS classroom