Conference presentations

AGTA 2008 Conference, Sunshine Coast: 29 September–2 October 2008

Theme: Taking geography above and beyond

Keynote presentations

Derek Milton: GIS in the classroom: opportunities and challenges (26.3MB PDF)
Sites used in keynote address (111KB PDF)

Malcolm McInerney: Where to next with GIS in Australia? (5.9MB PDF)

Workshop presentations

Pat Beeson: Accessing and spatially representing demographic data (2.9MB PDF)

Stephen Cranby: Planet of slums (1.6MB PDF)

Nick Cutajar: Online educational projects for Geography teachers (1.1MB PDF)

Brett Dascombe: Urban renewal or urban sprawl: Which is more sustainable? (7.1MB PDF)

Malcolm McInerney: GIS and Science (725KB PDF)

Ken Melchert: Sourcing Spatial Data from Local Government (3.5MB PDF)