Conference presentations

AGTA 2006 Conference, Launceston: 8–12 January 2006

Theme: Geography making the connections — creating futures

Keynote presentations

George Dailey: Geographical thinking, geospatial technologies and careers, and geohistory in schools (17.9MB PDF)

Neil Coffey: Social community accessiblity GIS

Lawrie Kirk: Murray-Darling Basin — A living landscape

Workshop presentations

Pat Beeson: Secrets for the successful of GIS into the core curriculum

Ross Johnson: Using ABS data in a practical way

Mick Law: Introducing GIS into the geography curriculum

Malcolm McInerney: An excuse to hug a tree

Tom Maggs: Antarctica: The AGTA goes south

Briar Newland: GIS in the middle school

Alex Robertson: Free GIS sites and software