The original GeogSpace website (, an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA), is no longer available.

After the revision of the Australian Curriculum: Geography most of the links provided in the original GeogSpace website no longer functioned correctly. To address this issue the resources and links were revised and can now be accessed from the AGTA website at

GeogSpace comprises two major resource sections, Core units and Support units.

Core units comprise illustrations of practice for stages of schooling described in the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The illustrations are provided for:

  • Years F–4
  • Years 5–6
  • Years 7–8
  • Years 9–10.

The illustrations are designed to provide classroom-ready ideas and resources that reflect the dynamism of this exciting learning area. Each illustration is linked to the Australian Curriculum: Geography and provides opportunities for students to actively engage in learning, whether it be through undertaking class research, practical activities, field investigations or through taking local action.

Core units have three sections for each of the stages of schooling:

  • Key understandings
  • Inquiry and skills
  • Exemplars

Support units provide illustrations of practice designed to support teachers' professional learning and provide guidance, information and resources in eight areas of geographical education:

  • Thinking geographically
  • Why teach geography?
  • Professional practice
  • Fieldwork
  • ICT in geography
  • Assessment in geography
  • Language of geography
  • Geographical inquiry